The Media Commission of the Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia 

The members of the Media Commission represent North Rhine-Westphalia’s society. It advocates for all the relevant social groups and institutions. For example, key decisions cannot be taken by its Director alone. The Director requires the approval of the Commission for instance for resolutions relating to new projects, issuing broadcasting licences or new job openings at

In this context, the basic thought is: Whenever there is a public authority with specific duties (including social responsibilities) and whenever the public finances this work by means of a public licence fee, the public must also be able to exercise influence on the decisions being made relating to using this funding and carrying out this important role. This influence is exerted via the members of the Media Commission.


Who is the Media Commission?

The Media Commission of the Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia comprises 41 members (and a corresponding number of deputies). Eight members are appointed by North Rhine-Westphalia’s state parliament, the Landtag. Both the full members and their deputies serve for a six-year term.

Prof. Dr. Werner Schwaderlapp is the Chair of the Media Commission, and Christiane Bertels-Heering acts as his deputy.


The Media Commission has established the following five committees to prepare its rulings:

  • The Committee for Media Orientation and Participation,
  • The Committee for Media Plurality and Media Access,
  • The Committee for Programming Oversight and Quality,
  • The Committee for Internal Training and Reseach Coordination,
  • The Committee for Budget and Finance.