Political extremism and the glorification of war

Political extremist groups and their followers use the Internet to introduce themselves, network, and spread racist harassment and Neo-Nazi propaganda. Neo-Nazi groups use online content to mobilise for marches and contact one another, extreme right-wing bands advertise their racist music, and certain mail order businesses sell their Neo-Nazi "devotionals" over the Internet. Extremist parties have also modernised their websites and instrumentalise the Internet to recruit young members.
All of this is unlawful.

The simple use of Nazi symbols or rallying cries and all distinguishing marks of the NSDAP and its successor organisations are strictly forbidden unless they are embedded within a historical or critical context. Content is unlawful if it shows war in an overwhelming positive manner or depicted as an adventure or a trial by fire without any mention of its cruelty and the associated suffering.

If you come across extremist content or the glorification of war online, you can report it to us.