Absolutely prohibited

Even on the Internet 

There is also a range of content which is generally prohibited on the Internet. Therefore, it is illegal to disseminate it even there. On one hand, this encompasses unlawful pornography, containing for example violence or sexual acts with animals. On the other hand, images of children or young people in a sexual context are generally prohibited, for instance in an unnaturally sexually suggestive posture. Whenever the content creates the impression with viewers that the type of image does not reflect the age of the person shown, it could constitute a sexual depiction which could be a threat to minors.

Further images and content which are also prohibited on the Internet are the symbols of unconstitutional organisations, the incitement of racist hatred, the minimisation of acts committed under the rule of National Socialism, the glorification of war, and content which infringes on human dignity, in particular by depicting people who are dying or are being exposed to severe bodily or emotional suffering. Should you come across this kind of content, please contact us with your complaint.