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Video sharing platforms:

shared revenue, shared responsibility?

What will be the future role of video sharing platforms? Simple content distributors or creators of original programmes? What responsibility must they assume for this content: host, intermediary or editor?

You are warmly invited to attend this public conference in Paris in June. It is organised by the French Ministry of Culture and the European Audiovisual Observatory. We'll be bringing together industry experts, professionals and European decision makers in order to debate the current role of video sharing platforms in two discussion panels:
•    The hybrids of tomorrow? Video sharing platforms: from distribution to the creation of content
•    Video platforms: content host, intermediary or editor?

The European Audiovisual Observatory will contribute its analysis of the economic and legal questions raised at European level by the development of video sharing platforms.
This public conference is freely accessible and will interest in particular media professionals, journalists and academics. Registration is compulsory to attend. Conference languages are French and English.

contact us by email: obs.event@coe.int